ESG Core Topics

More Inclusive Finance

Adhering to the principle of “Finance for people”, Lufax Holding encourages close integration of finance and social responsibility and always takes serving the real economy and advancing rural revitalization as its mission. We fully exploit our advantages in products and technology to channel our financial resources towards promoting social justice, improving people’s well-being and delivering warmer finance services to more people, thus satisfying their aspirations for a better life.

Deeply Engaging in More Inclusive Finance

Developing inclusive finance to enable all social groups to benefit from the growth of the financial sector is a key approach to fostering common prosperity. As the needs of small and micro business owners, new citizens and other groups are taken seriously, Lufax Holding has fully utilized its fin-tech advantages to promote digital financial inclusion, so as to reach currently financially excluded and underserved populations with more convenient and efficient financial services.

Credit Product Matrix

Loans Type

Unsecured loans

Secured loans

Consumer finance loans

Main customer base

Individuals and small and micro businesses

Small and micro businesses


Major offerings

“Ping An Puhui WeiYingDai”
“Ping An Puhui LeXiaoDai”

“Ping An Puhui Zhai e-Loan”
“Ping An Puhui Car e-Loan”

“Ping An XiaoChengHua”
“Ping An XiaoChengGuo”

Fulfilling Social Responsibilities

Lufax Holding focuses on various key areas, including the rural women’s development, industry synergetic development mode, traditional culture inheritance, business empowerment and green rural development. Through enhanced cooperation with multiple parties, we launched a series of inclusive Finance Plus programs, namely “Finance Plus Women”, “Finance Plus Industry”, “Finance Plus Culture”, and “Finance Plus Double Carbon”. Together, they form a multidimensional approach of the “Finance Plus” to rural revitalization. Aiming at breaking the inherent boundaries of rural projects and delving into rural culture, industrial cooperation and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, these programs have provided financial and charitable support to the long-term integrated development of rural female entrepreneurs, cooperative leaders, small and micro business groups, rural industries proceeding from core demands.