Lufax Holding Ltd is a leading technology-empowered personal financial services platform in China. We primarily address the large unmet demand for personal lending among small business owners as well as salaried workers in China, and we provide tailor-made wealth management solutions to China’s fast growing middle class and affluent population.

We have implemented a unique, capital-light, hub-and-spoke business model combining purpose-built technology applications, extensive data and financial services expertise to effectively facilitate the right products to the right customers. In terms of the retail credit facilitation hub, we provide small business owners with convenient access to affordable, large-ticket-size funding, while enabling financial institution partners to tap into a fast-growing, high-quality small business segment in a cost-effective way. In terms of the wealth management hub, we offer middle class and affluent customers tailored selections of investment products and one-click portfolios that are aligned with their risk appetite and investment objectives.

Our mission is to make retail borrowing and wealth management easier, safer and more efficient.